Create websites for each of the agents on your team! These will be websites that are just like your team's website, but they are for your agents to share and advertise to attract leads. Each site will reflect the individual Agent's Picture and Contact Info. Leads attracted through their website link will route directly to that agent.

*Admins will need to create agent websites after your site has been published to your custom URL. Sites can not be created if your domain has not been published.

Step 1: Click your name in the upper-right and select Account. Click IDX Configuration.


Fill out the form this way

  • Select an agent from the drop-down

  • Type the agent's first name (use lower case letters only)

  • Add the agent's bio. *This step cannot be skipped

  • Then Save Changes

Step 2: Here are those steps in action:


That's it! The agent can use his/her site to advertise and attract leads.

It may take up to 20 minutes for the user site to begin working. If your subdomain does not work in 20 minutes, please contact We'll know what to do!

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