By default, Brivity sets all sites to the Listings Only View with no map.

Here are all your default view options:

Listings Only View

Listings (2)

Hybrid Listings/Map View

Hybrid 1

Map Only View

Just map

To choose a different default view, login to your Brivity Website Builder.

Step 1: Click to Edit Site on the left.

Edit (3)

Step 2: Click on the Pages on the left. Then click the settings on your Search Listings page and select Edit Page.

search listings edit page

Step 3: Click the radio button to edit Details.


Step 4: Double-click in the shadowed search box to open the Detail Editor.


Step 5: Choose the view you'd like on your Search Listings page and Save.

Hybrid select

*You can also paste the URL of a custom search created on your site in the Search URL field. For example, if you wanted to set a minimum price point as your default:

1. Go to the search page on your live site

2. Enter the criteria (min price)

3. Copy the URL

4. Paste the URL in the Search URL field

Step 6: Save and Publish your site from the upper-right of your screen.

Save Publish (4)

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