Use "Make Contingent" to show tasks only after another task is completed.

The checkbox in Auto Plan Tasks to Make Contingent allows you to have a task that will NOT go out unless another step is completed first. For example, you can have a text message go out automatically to notify a listing agent when listing paperwork is submitted to your MLS.

Alternatively, you can set a Text/Email/Task to fire after another task is *due* by setting it 0 seconds after the task but NOT clicking the checkbox. It will fire as the parent task becomes due. Clicking the checkbox ensures it will not fire at all *unless* the parent task is completed.

Put tasks into a specific order

Currently, Brivity does not allow you to order tasks. To put tasks in order in Brivity, many users will put a task after another *without* the Make Contingent checkbox marked.

For example, see below. If you want a plan to flow in an order, make them follow after another step, just don't check the box to Make Contingent. You may even want to add a few seconds between them like this:

  • The checkbox means this thing will happen only after the above task is completed.

  • Without the checkbox, it will show in order following the previous task.

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