The Brivity GO App will help you manage and stay in front of your leads and contacts even when you're on the go! Here are some of the Best Practices for use and getting started with it!

First of all, make sure you have all lead notification settings enabled. Brivity GO can alert you via push notifications for:

New Lead Notifications

  • New Website Registrations

  • Lead Transfers to You

  • Text Messages

  • Saved Searches

  • Saved Properties (Favorited Properties)

  • *Coming Soon: Transaction Notifications

To set up all notifications:

Open the Brivity Go App and click on the (+) Plus sign at the bottom.

Find and click the Settings wheel.

Toggle on all desired push notifications.

Once your notifications are set, you'll receive notifications for new contacts and messages. You can click on those just like when Facebook sends you a notification to be taken directly to that contact or message to be able to see more.

Click the Plus sign again at the bottom to add a new contact, add a task, add a new note to a contact, or add an appointment.

All of your New Leads can be found by clicking the People icon at the bottom. This list is sorted by most recent leads for easy access to new contacts.

Click to open any contact record, or for quick communications, swipe left on any contact. Calling and texting out of the Brivity GO App will allow you to log all calls and texts in your CRM for easy access and follow-up later.

Use the Filters icon to sort to specific contacts.

Use the filters to make a list, or pull from Smart Filters already saved in your CRM.

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