Your Brivity Marketer is a powerful tool! Here's information on how billing works and how you can update your payment method or that of agents on your team.

Payments for Postcards/Facebook Ads

Since Brivity Marketer is part of the Brivity Platform, all payments for postcards or Facebook/Instagram ads are placed through the same credit card on your main account.

Change Payment or Add an Agent's Credit Card

You can change that payment method for the whole account, and/or if you want individual agents on your team to have their own billing for Brivity Marketer, you can do that too!

Simply contact our support team via with your change, the agent's name, and tell them you want them to have their own billing updated for Marketer. They will send a link for the agent to fill out with their credit card information.

IMPORTANT: you must let the support team know when an agent has filled out and submitted the form so they can connect the card to their individual Marketer account.

Where do I find updates for billing and credits applied?

You'll see any funds processed for orders as well as any credits as they process under Settings -> Billing. It may take 6-10 days to see credits applied if there are returned postcards.

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