"Hi [NAME]! This is [AgentName]. How are you and the kids (or the pets)?

(Pause- Use your listening skills.)

I'm calling you on my direct office line, and I wanted to make sure you have this number saved. Using it helps me to keep in touch with my friends and family.

I'm calling because planning out my year, and I wanted to make sure I don't block any vacation time when my friends and family might need me. Do you have any real estate-related plans to buy, sell, or invest in 2022?"

If their contact record is missing birthday, address, email, etc, ask for it! It looks like I'm missing some of your contact information! Is your address still ______?

*If they don’t have any real estate plans........

If you know others who are thinking about buying or selling real estate, I would love to get a hold of them as soon as possible to fit them into my calendar for the year. Can you think of anyone?

[Tag people in your database with the year and month of planned needs "2022 June"]

A follow-up text out of Brivity helps too. "Great catching up with you! Don't forget to save my office line here. You can text me on it too."

If you're a new agent, that conversation might be also telling them that they just started in real estate or joined your team.

Be sure to get their home address, email address, and birthday! Then you can set up a Market Report for them, and even set up automated birthday cards in Brivity Marketer.

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