If a Seller says, Should I wait to sell?

That’s a great question. I'd be worried about waiting to sell right now. Let's consider that it's a Seller's market, and inventory is still low right now. All the available buyers
in the current climate who can qualify to buy your home are actively searching and making offers. Over the course of this year, we are going to see two things that are going to affect this.

Number one- increased prices. As prices increase the pool of available buyers
that are qualified for your home that wants to buy a home in your location is getting smaller.

There's a second big factor- which is increasing interest rates. With increased interest rates the pool of available buyers that can actually afford your home per month is also going to get smaller.

A third scary thing that could happen is about consumer confidence. What if buyers in our market, because of increased rates and increased prices become weary as they did in the late 2010s? It could literally eliminate the pool of available buyers for your home.

Let me ask you a question... If there are fewer buyers for your home in the future, do you think your home is going to be worth more or worth less?

Let's take advantage of the really hot market and sell your home for OVER market value.

How does that sound to you?

Does that sound like a plan and a reason for us to take action today?

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