Note: Use the green, buyer info lead sheet for each call

Ring ring! Hi ____________ this is ____________ with [XXXX] Real Estate Team. You visited my website and earlier today and I wanted to reach out to introduce myself….. (NO PAUSE)

L - Location: I noticed you were looking at homes in the ______ area, is that the specific area you are wanting to buy in or are you open to other areas as well?

P - Price: Is ____ to ____ the price range that you're looking to buy in?

M - Mortgage: Will you be paying cash for your purchase, or will you be using a mortgage to buy? (if financing…) Have you had a chance to speak with any lenders yet or would it be helpful for me to connect you with a lender who could save you maybe $2-$4000 on your purchase? Ok great I’d love to! (offer to text or email)

Agency: Has an agent shown you any homes in person yet?

Motivation: Out of curiosity, Why are you buying?

Are you currently renting or do you own your home?

(If they own..) Will you need to sell before you buy?

(If Renting…) Do you have a month-to-month, or are you in a lease? If you were to find the home of your dreams today, will you be ready to buy?

Appointment: Why don't we go ahead and meet at my office, I'll walk you through a few details on how to buy a home, we'll tour a few homes virtually on my computer, and even go take a look at some in person.

I have some time today at 3PM or tomorrow at noon. Which one works better for you?

I look forward to meeting you in person! We're going to have a great time!

LPMAMA – THE BEST Conversion Script:

THE LPMAMA is an acronym for the VERY best conversion script used by our Panelists.


“That’s a GREAT house; everybody has been calling on that one. It’s located in the _________ neighborhood, is that the area you were looking to purchase in?”

Doesn’t matter what they say go to the next question.

P is for PRICE range

“The house is priced at ______, is that the price range you’re looking in?”

Doesn’t matter what they say go to the next question.


“Out of curiosity, are you currently renting or do you own your own home?”


“Do you need to sell your home first?”

“Is your home currently on the market?”


“Do you have a month to month or a longer term lease?”

“If you found your dream home could you get out of your lease immediately?”

Doesn’t matter what they say go to the next question.

A is for AGENT

“How have you been looking at homes, have you been going to open houses or do you have an Agent showing you homes?”


“Do you have an exclusive agreement with that Agent?”

Doesn’t matter what they say go to the next question.


“Out of curiosity…are you going to be paying all cash or will you need a loan?”

“I am going to have my preferred lender give you a call” (name benefits to them)


“Great based on the information you have given, here is what I’m going to recommend. Why don’t we go ahead and meet at my office. I’ll walk you through the entire buying process….from start to finish. We’ll view some homes on the internet & perhaps go out to look at a few of them in person. All we need to do now is simply set an appointment…..would Monday at 3pm work for you or would Tuesday at noon be better for your schedule?

GET THEM INTO THE OFFICE for your Buyer Consultation this communicates your professionalism.

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