With Brivity Platform, you can create Open House Sign-in Sheets to capture new leads in just a few easy steps. Using our built-in '/openhouse' lead-capture tool and Brivity Marketer's QR Code generator, you'll have an easy way to capture the names and contact info of all your Open House visitors. Here's how!

1. Navigate to the Open House Listing on Your Website

On your Brivity website, or on the subdomain of the agent hosting the Open House, navigate to the property details page of the Open House listing.

2. Add '/openhouse' to the URL

When viewing the open house property on your website (or agent subdomain), type '/openhouse' at the end of the URL to launch the 'Create Open House Sign-in Form' module.

Step 2 screenshot

3. Set Your Parameters

Choose your registration option – Light, Full or Virtual Registration – from the dropdown menu and set your Open House date, start and end times. Then click 'Start Open House'.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Copy the Registration URL

On the following page you'll see a preview of the Open House Registration form. Copy the URL from the address bar so we can paste it in Step 6.

Step 4 screenshot

5. Navigate to 'Brivity Marketer'

In the 'Print Media' section, select 'Open House Sign In Sheet'.

Step 5 screenshot

6. Paste Copied URL

When prompted, paste the copied URL from the Open House Registration page into the field, and choose to 'Add Listing Data' or 'Create Without Listing Data'.

Step 6 screenshot

7. Search for Listing Data

If you chose 'Add Listing Data; in the previous step, you can search by address, MLS number or choose from your 'Search History' to find the listing. You can also choose to 'Skip Import' if you'd like to add your own custom information (for Exclusive or Coming Soon listings).

Step 7 screenshot

8. Click 'Create Print Media'

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on 'Download'

When you're happy with the look of your sign-in sheet, click on 'Download' to save a copy of the sign-in sheet to your computer for printing. If you'd like to edit the sheet first, click 'Edit' to make adjustments before downloading and printing.

Step 9 screenshot

Send To Print

We work with a 3rd party printer to create beautiful printed marketing material. If you'd like to have multiple copies of this (or any print material in Brivity Marketer) you can click 'Send To Print' to select your options and have high-quality printed material delivered to your office.

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