Brivity CRM gives each user a phone number to use for tracking communication in the CRM. It tracks incoming calls, outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing text messages. It also has the ability to create new leads if someone calls into your number and they are not already found as a phone number for a contact in your CRM. You can use your Brivity phone number for advertising, and never miss a lead!

This is a setting that can be turned off, particularly for many Admins who would not have marketing running to phone numbers to receive leads.

*A note: if you are an agent with this setting off, and someone texts your Brivity number, you will not be able to respond directly to them with your Brivity number without first creating a contact in Brivity with their number. We would suggest agents always leave the phone number lead capture setting ON.

In your CRM, the lead will look like the below with no name, just a phone number for contact, and the Source of "Call In".

In the contact record, it will also show the source of "Call In" within the Timeline.

Turn Off Lead Creation for Call-in Leads

To turn the lead creation setting off for your Brivity phone number, go to your Account -> Personal tab or click here for a quick access link.

At the bottom of the Personal Settings page, below your signature, find 3 checkboxes. By default, all of these are checked for users, but you can uncheck them to remove any. Most admins who do not do sales will uncheck all 3 boxes.

Save Your Changes at the Bottom

If you make any changes to this page, be sure to SAVE at the bottom right for the update to take effect.

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