If this was the first time you're calling the lead, use the LPMAMA script. The below script is if you've connected before.

Hi Client, this is Agent with The [XXX] Real Estate Team. How are you?

That's great to hear! Hey - I sent you a home I think could be a good fit for you. It’s the one located at _____________. Did you see that one come through?

It really stood out to me and I’d like you to see it if you have interest before next week because I don’t think it will last. Would this afternoon, or tomorrow evening work to tour it?


Perfect! What I'm going to do is call the seller and set up a time for [this evening]. Once I do that I will call you back to confirm the time.

Before I do that, I have a quick question for you: Have any other agents shown you homes? (no) Also… were there any other area homes that stood out to you besides this one?

When you call the client back:

Okay! I’ve set up the appointment for our showing(s). Why don’t we meet at the office first and go from there?

Are you going to need any financing for a purchase or will this be a cash purchase? (yes I will need financing) Okay, I’m going to have ____(preferred lender)____ give you a call. They’ve saved my family and friends a lot of money on loans and will take great care of you.

I look forward to meeting you in person at my office this evening!

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