Seller leads often come into your CRM from your website after filling out a form on your Home Value page. Every Brivity Website has this page, even if it isn't showing in your navigation options at the top. You can find your Home Value page on your Brivity website by adding /home_value to the end of your URL - like at

*Canadian clients will not have a Home Value Report show at the end, but form settings can be changed to let the lead know that a value will be sent. An agent will need to follow up with a valuation and/or appointment.

Getting a Home Value

Getting a home's value is a multi-step process.

First, seller leads will put in their address on the below form.

When they click to FIND OUT or SUBMIT (you can customize this form), then they are taken to a page where they will be asked for more information. The seller leads cannot get their home's value without filling out this second form.

If they fill out the contact info form, then they get their home valuation. It looks like the below with 3 numbers from their MLS averages, a Zillow Zestimate, and a Home Junction valuation, and a range between them all.

Many leads will go to the first page and simply fill out their address, and exit before putting in their contact information on the next page. We call these Address-Only Leads. They do not get a valuation without filling out both the full forms.

What do I do with Address Only leads?

For Address-Only Leads, you can use Brivity's Reverse Search Look-Up Tool to possibly find a name and contact information (US customers only). Our teams actually use with a separate paid subscription because it pulls really incredible information on the homeowner with contact info.

Then we can follow up with these leads via phone, or you can mail them monthly through Brivity Marketer, send them a package of information on your team, or all of the above!

Here's a script for following up with Address-Only Leads or Full Leads from your Home Valuation Page.

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