Hello **name, It’s **your name. Thanks for taking my call! How are you?

I was calling today to see if you could help me with a project we’re working on for our friends and clients. Obviously, as a real estate professional I have clients moving into the area and they are in need of all kinds of professional services and service providers that they left behind.

I'm curious as to if you've had a 5 Star Experience in the last few weeks or even year with anyone that has provided service to you that you might suggest we place in our directory of great service providers?

**Wait for answer

Thank you for taking a moment to help me. Also, one particular area that people ask about this time of year are great Tax Preparers or CPAs. Do you happen to have a 5 Star relationship in that area I could get introduced to?

If No: Would you like me to pass along any 5 Star Tax Preparers when I identify them?


Thanks for your assistance with this project. As it comes together I’ll be sharing the findings with you. As always we appreciate your referrals.

Is there anyone in the neighborhood or at work that is considering buying or selling that I can help?

Thanks for thinking about that. Is there anything I can do for you?

It was great to connect with you. Have an amazing week!

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