Facebook/Instagram Ads Through Brivity Marketer

Below are some examples of Facebook Ads you can create in Brivity Marketer.

Just Listed Ad - for Buyer Leads

This ad is designed to help you find interested people for your listing. Facebook will target and find the people most interested in a home like this listing based on their web activity. Facebook tracks most web activity, not just on their website, and we leave the targeting to them.

Just Sold Ad - for Seller Leads

This ad will target people on Facebook most interested in homes sold around them - which means seller leads within a range of the listing town or address.

Open House - for Buyer Leads

This ad will search for people on Facebook interested in buying in areas known to Facebook as an area they are searching for homes on Facebook and on other websites.

Home Value Ad - for Seller Leads

This ad will show people on Facebook showing actions as most interested in selling their homes or interested in their home's value.

Ready Made Ad - for Buyer Leads

There are several ads available in the Ready Made ads that target different kinds of buyers and sellers or just branded ads you can use from this selection. These ads are not fully customizable, but you can set a target market and target interested in the ads to reach specific types of buyers or sellers.

Buyer Search Ad - for Buyer Leads

This is an ad where you set a range of listings to show on the ad using any combination from your MLS of Town, Zip Code, or School area, then you can also set price range, beds, and bath parameters.

Carousel Ad - for Buyer Leads

This is a carousel ad you can create with up to any 10 specific MLS listings like your own or any others in the market that you have permission to advertise.

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