Brivity Marketer is your one-stop shop for creating pre-templated flyers and print marketing material. In just 60 seconds, you can create, edit, download or print all your essential flyers and information sheets.

What Type of Print Material Can You Create?

  • Listed Flyers

  • Sold Flyers

  • Open House Flyers

  • Open House Sign In Sheet

  • Event Flyers

  • Door Hangers

How To Create a Flyer Inside Brivity Marketer

There are two ways to create Print Media / Flyers.

Method 1: From the Create Media Page

1. Navigate to the Create Media Page

Step 2 screenshot

2. Select Your Media

Scroll down to the second row from the top. From there, you can select from any one of the various styles.

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Method 2: From the Listings Page

1. Navigate to the Listings Page

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2. Click the dropdown on any listing and click 'Create Flyer'

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Selecting Your Template

The first thing we need to do is select which template we would like to use. Each template has unique properties.

Just Listed, Sold, Open House and Event Flyers

If you didn’t create the flyer directly from a listing, you’ll be prompted to choose which listing to build your template with.

Open House Sign-In Sheet

You’ll be prompted to enter the URL of where you would like to direct your visitors once they scan the QR code. If you choose to build your Sign-In sheet from a listing, you’ll be prompted to choose which listing to build your template with.

Door Hangers

Once you have selected this template, you will have the option of building your Door Hanger from a listing, or to skip the import and build it with generic data (good for Coming Soon / Off Market listings).

Editing Your Flyer

1. Click on EDIT

Step 1 screenshot

2. Editor

Brand Color: change the default theme color of the design.
Display Agent: Changes the agent display on the design, including their contact information.

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3. Photos

Here you can find photos available to customize your design.

  • MLS Photos: Imported automatically from the MLS listing

  • Logos: Logos uploaded be you or your team admin

  • My Uploads: All of your custom uploads

  • Team Photos: Profile photos of your team members

  • Default Photos: A collection of Brivity Marketer template graphics

To REPLACE a photo, drag and drop it onto an existing photo.

To ADD a photo, click the photo once and it will be placed on your graphic.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Clipped Image

Clipped images are a great way to add photos and sneak peeks in a creative way. Click to add a clipped image to the current page, then drag a photo from your library to replace the placeholder image.

Step 4 screenshot

5. Text

Click to add 'text' your design.

Step 5 screenshot

6. Elements

Here you will fina a collection of 'Shapes' and 'Icons' for your design. Great for creating contrast and bringing your design to life.

Step 6 screenshot

7. Listing Info

Enter an 'Address' or 'MLS Number' to import the listing details into your template.

Step 7 screenshot

Download Your Flyer

Once you have finished editing your design, you can download it into either a:

  • PDF (document): Full-quality for printing and scaling.

  • PNG (image): High-quality image for sharing online.

Step 9 screenshot

Print Your Flyer

If you would like Brivity to print your flyers for you and deliver them to your home / office / workplace, click 'Send To Print'. Then select a quantity and press continue to be taken to the shipping details screen.

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Billing & Tracking

You can review all of your Brivity Marketer billing by hovering over the left sidebar Navigation and clicking 'Settings > Billing'.

When you get billed and receive credits on your postcards, they will show in your 'Marketer Billing'. Billing is always applied to the credit card associated with your Platform account unless you contact our support team to have billing applied to a different card or to individual agents on your team. You can reach us via live chat or email

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