Brivity Marketer tracks every Mailer through First Class Mail with a barcode that runs across the bottom of each card. Postal workers will scan the barcode through the various stages of delivery, and that is tracked in Brivity Marketer. If cards are returned, we know it and we will credit your account automatically for any returned mailers – at the full cost!

Where do I see Mailers delivery tracking?

1. Click on 'Mailers'

Hover on the left sidebar to see Navigation options and click on 'Mailers'.

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2. Filter Your Campaigns

If you've created a lot of Mailers or had some new listings in the last few months, there will be a lot of unsent and auto-created Mailers here for you to approve and send. To see only your sent mailer campaigns, use the dropdown options at the top of the screen to filter by 'Sent (All sent statuses)'

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3. View Campaign Details

Find the campaign you want to view and click the 'View Campaign' button.

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4. Delivery Map and Status

To see a map view of where your mailers were delivered, along with addresses and delivery statuses, scroll down to find the full report.

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Billing and Credits

All transactions (costs and credits) in Brivity Marketer will show in your 'Brivity Marketer Billing' section. Billing is always applied to the credit card associated with your Platform account.

Change Payment or Add an Agent's Credit Card

You can change that payment method for the whole account, and/or if you want individual agents on your team to have their own billing for Brivity Marketer, you can do that too!

Contact our Support Team via with your change request, the agent's name and tell them you want them to have their own billing updated for Marketer. They will send a link for the agent to fill out with their credit card information.

1. Navigate to 'Billing'

Navigate to the Brivity Marketer Billing page by hovering your mouse over the left-side navigation menu, clicking on 'Settings', then 'Billing'.

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2. View Billing Details

On the billing page, you'll see a detailed breakdown of your billing history, including costs and credits for each campaign.

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