Add Popular Searches as options on your Brivity website Search Page. Visitors will see the popular search options as they click into the Find a Place area.

The searches you can set up differ from MLS to MLS, but some suggested options are:

  • New Construction (sometimes under Popular Features)

  • Waterfront (sometimes under Popular Features)

  • Homes with Views (search in +More for homes with views)

  • Homes with Garages (search in +More for Garages)

  • Luxury Listings (by price)

  • Various Area Searches (by area or map-drawing)

Before starting the below steps, you'll need to have your live website open to your Search Page and be logged in to your Website Builder.

Step 1: In the builder, click the edit website pencil below your website.

Step 2: Click the wheel to the far right of the Search page and select Edit Page.

Step 3: Go to your live website. Set up a search on the SEARCH page with the criteria you want to find show a list of properties and View All. This could be price settings, area settings, map drawing, beds/baths, and/or a combination of any settings.

Step 4: As you change the Search page, the url changes! Copy the URL at the top of the Search page and save it for later.

Step 5: Go back to your builder Edit Search page. Move the radio button in the upper left to Details, and click in the grayed-out search block 2 times to open the editor tool.

Step 6: In the editor tool, open the Popular Searches tab.

Step 7: Click to Add Popular Search, then paste in your search link and name it.

We'd suggest 3 or more popular search links.

Step 8: When all links are added, scroll to the bottom of the editor tool and click the checkbox to Save.

Step 9: Move the radio button back to Blocks before clicking Save and Publish.

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