Hi [first name], my name is [your name] with [company]. I'm calling about the home you were selling on [street name]. I saw it recently came off the market.

Are you still interested in selling?

**If “Yes”:

Great! It looks like a really nice home. I see that it has been on the market for [days on market] at this point. Have you had any offers on the property?

I see… And why do you think that your last agent wasn’t been able to sell it for you?

We specialize in selling homes that didn’t sell the first time around. Typically, when a home doesn’t sell, it comes down to one of two things: Price or the approach that was taken to marketing your home. After taking a look at your home online, I honestly feel that the reason your home did not sell is likely the approach that was taken to marketing.

Do you think your home could have been marketed more effectively the first time around? (Wait for answer)

I see…well what we find is that most real estate agents sign a contract, put up a sign, list your home in the MLS, have an open house and hope that someone makes an offer. Unfortunately, this approach is not an effective way to get homes sold in today’s market.

Does that sound more or less like the approach that was taken with your home? (Wait for answer)

I see…Well our team takes a much different approach to getting homes sold. In fact, it has helped us sell more than 1000 homes for our clients.

I’d like to schedule a time for [name of lead agent in their market], our lead agent in [their city] to sit down with you and walk you thru our aggressive and proactive approach to marketing that will get your home sold fast for the most money.

Are you able to meet during the daytime, or do nights and weekends work better for you?

Great! How about [first date and time], or would you rather do it at [second date and time].

Perfect! I am confident that [name of lead agent in their market] will be able to show you a much more effective approach to marketing that will get your home sold.

I will send you an email to confirm the meeting. That way if anything comes up, or if you have any questions, you can let us know.

What’s the best email address for me to send this to? Perfect!

Thanks for your time today [first name]!

We are looking forward to seeing you on [day chosen] at [time chosen]. Have a great rest of your day!

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