With Brivity CRM's Transaction 'Card' view, you can manage and update your transaction details through their various stages visually, with simple drag-and-drop functionality!

Step 1. Navigate to your 'Transaction' Index

Start by hovering your mouse over the left-side navigation menu, then click on 'Transactions' to expand the menu. Click on a status to see all transactions in that list, or click 'All' to view all of your transactions.

Step 2. Select 'New' View

In the upper-right area of your Transaction view, toggle to the 'New' view to activate the new layout and sorting options.

Step 2 screenshot

Step 3. Click on the 'Cards' Icon

You can toggle between 'List' and 'Card' views by clicking on the respective icons.

Step 3 screenshot

Step 4. Drag and Drop to Different Transaction Stages

In the 'Card' view, you can drag and drop transactions through their various stages. You can also click on any blue 'Add' link to input data directly in-line without having to open the transaction details.

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