Automatic Mailer Creation

Every time one of your listings hits the MLS, we will create a new mailer campaign automatically using the default design you set up on your Team Customization page. These mailers are not sent automatically, but they are ready for you to Edit, Review and Send in just a couple of clicks.


Only Admins and Account Owners can make changes to the Team Customization settings.

There are two ways to create a custom Mailer campaign.

Method 1: From the Create Media Page

1. Navigate to the Create Media Page

Step 2 screenshot

2. Select Your Media

From the first row, select from any one of the various types of campaigns.

Step 1 screenshot

Method 2: From the Listings Page

1. Navigate to the Listings Page

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2. Click the dropdown on any listing and click 'Create Postcard Campaign'

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Selecting Your Mailer Size & Shape

The first thing we need to do is select which size and shape of Mailer we'd like to send.

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Then we need to select the template we'd like to use to create our Mailer.

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Create Your Mailer

1. Click on 'CREATE'

To choose a mailer template, hover your mouse over the thumbnail and click on 'Create'.

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2. Import MLS Data

Search for a listing by address or MLS number, or select from your Search History, and click 'Create Postcard'

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3. Select Your Destinations

There are 4 different ways to choose destinations for your Mailer.

Automatic Destinations

Brivity Marketer software will automatically search for and deliver to addresses of homes that are surrounding the listing you're advertising and who may be interested in the property listing details by our own special "secret sauce" algorithm. All you need to do is set how many postcards you'd like to send out, and our software handles the rest!

Map Search

You can choose to control exactly who receives your postcard campaigns in the Map Search. Draw your exact destination and choose parameters to select which types of homes you'd like your mailer delivered to.

Upload a CSV File

This feature is great for sending postcards to your past clients and sphere! Also, it makes it easy to send postcards to a list of addresses you received from other places like probate lists, out-of-area owners, or any other kind of farming lists.

Copy a Previous Campaign

If you've sent a postcard in any way before using Marketer (via Automatically, Map Search, or Import), then you can send a postcard to that same list of addresses in a click!

Editing Your Mailer

When editing a campaign, you have the option to change the Template, Brand Color, Display Agent, and any additional postcard details. Any changes made will only impact that individual postcard.

Edit Options

You'll find a large array of editing options on the left of your Edit window including changing the front and back of the card templates (or mix & match), editing the brand colors, changing postcard size, re-arranging photos, uploading different photos, changing text, changing the font, adding shapes, and more.

Approve and Send Your Mailer

The last step before sending your mailer is one final approval of the design and cost for your campaign. If everything looks good on the 'Campaign Details' page, you can click 'Approve & send' to confirm everything one final time.

Step 11 screenshot

One Last Approval...

Double-check everything, including the front and back design, the number of recipients and the final cost of your campaign. When everything looks good, click 'Approve & Send' one last time to send your mailer off the to the printer!

Step 12 screenshot


Postcards have a 5-7 business day delivery time, so ensure that works for your marketing timeline before clicking 'Approve & Send'.

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