You can mix and match multiple destination sources for a campaign, so you can build a list of recipients from automatic (AI) selection, map, CSV upload, copying a previous campaign, and sending a copy of the mailer to the listing address!

There are 4 different ways to choose the destination for your Mailer. you can choose one, or multiple options to create your perfect mailing list.

Choose from the Destinations Dropdown Menu

From the 'Mailer Campaign Destinations' page, click on the dropdown menu to select from the available options.


Send to Listing Address

Select this if you'd like this mailer delivered to the listing address.

Automatic Recipient Selection

Brivity Marketer software will automatically search for and deliver to addresses of homes that are surrounding the listing you're advertising and who may be interested in the property listing details by our own special AI algorithm. For example, if someone just bought a home in the neighborhood last month, they wouldn't likely be interested in hearing your good news about a new listing.

All you have to do is enter how many mailers you'd like to send, and we'll handle the rest.


The algorithm we use is based on a property's type and proximity, and then we rank the addresses based on the last sale date, and square footage to find the homes most likely interested in your postcard (also based on the postcard type).

If you set a target number of postcards and the software gives you back a lower number, that means it was not able to find that many homes that meet the "secret sauce" algorithm. This can happen for several reasons, including if the property is in a rural area, if there has been a high turnover in the area of recently sold listings, or if there just aren't a lot of similar homes in the area. Alternatively, you can gain finer grain control of the destinations using the Map Search (see below option) where you can then specify your own detailed criteria.

Map Area Destinations

You can choose to control exactly who receives your postcard campaigns in the Map Search.

1. Draw Map Boundaries

To draw a map, zoom into the area of choice, and click-click-click the area to map it. This is also a great and easy way to work with your "farming" neighborhoods!


2. Select one or more 'Property Types'

3. Choose Additional Parameters

Use the sliders to set parameters for beds, baths, square footage, price ranges and when the properties last sold.

4. Click 'Search'

When you're ready, click 'Search' at the bottom left and Marketer will calculate exactly how many postcards will be sent.

CSV Upload

This feature is great for sending postcards to your past clients and sphere! Also, it makes it easy to send postcards to a list of addresses you received from other places like probate lists, out-of-area owners, or any other kind of farming lists.


1. Download a Template

Depending on the source of your data, download one of the CSV templates to format your CSV file properly before import. Address files exported from Brivity CRM will auto-import fields to Brivity Marketer and follow the 'Extended Format CSV' format. If it's any other CSV file, you'll need to use the 'Simple Format CSV' template provided.

2. Click on 'Upload CSV'

Click on 'Upload CSV' to select and import any CSV file of addresses from your computer.

Copy a Previous Campaign

If you've sent a postcard in any way before using Marketer, then you can send a postcard to that same list of addresses in a click!


Click on the dropdown menu and simply choose the list or name of postcards you've sent previously.

Validate Destinations

Once you've selected and perfected your recipient list, click 'Validate Destinations' in the upper right. We will run all of the selected addresses through our validation filter to ensure that each one is deliverable and not a duplicate, so everything you send arrives at the right place every time. This means better data integrity in your CRM with address standardization and less returned mail.


Once validation is complete, you will see a total number of recipients and a cost estimate in the upper right corner of the screen.


Hovering your mouse over the 'i' beneath 'Total Recipients' will give you details of the data validation process.


Preview Recipients

On the next screen, you will be able to preview the recipients. You can toggle between 'Map' and 'List' view, or click on the pencil icon to update your recipient selections.


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