Once you have selected destinations for your mailer, you can edit the design, update details and finalize everything before sending it.

Preview Your Mailer

From the 'Campaign Details' page you will see a preview of the front and back of the mailer, as well as a map preview of your selected destinations.

Step 1 screenshot

If you zoom into the map, you will see pinpoints showing the exact homes your mailer will be sent to!

Edit Your Mailer

To open up editing mode for your mailer, click 'Edit'.

Step 2 screenshot


Update or change the template for the front of back of your mailer.

Step 1 screenshot


In the 'Editor' tab, you can make adjustments to several key elements of the mailer. Click to change anything. Drag and drop to move anything like images or text boxes

  • Brand Color: Change the default theme color of the design.

  • Postcard Size: Choose a different size for your mailer.

  • Display Agent: Change the agent display on the design, including their contact information. The agent who displays on your postcards can easily be updated by selecting an agent from your Brivity user list on the left of the editing options. This will load the new agent, their name, and their contact information onto the postcard.

  • Custom CTA: Every postcard will have a Call-to-Action (CTA) for people to follow when they get the postcard. This could be a URL to "See the price and photos" or "Find your home's value", and you'll need a link ready to add to the form. In your initial settings, you can make a standard CTA, and here you can change it to something else. To change the standard CTA, click on the left on 'Customize call to action url'.

Step 2 screenshot

Use Your KWKLY Keyword as a CTA

If you want to make your CTA reference a Kwkly Code or some other CTA, then turn off the CTA url option, and change the CTA on the postcard using the 'Text Editor'. (Before doing this, confirm your unique KWKLY with our support team via support@brivity.com or via live chat in the lower right of your account.)

  1. Change the CTA url to 'Hide Call to Action'

  2. Edit the two CTAs on the card via the 'Text Editor' to change them to the new Call To Action

Best CTAs match the call. Here are some examples of good CTAs...

  1. If your call to action says, "See the price and photos", then you can search your Brivity website for the property and use the url at the top of your browser.

  2. If your CTA is "Find your home's value", then you can use the home value page url at the top of that page. Normally you can find it by adding /home_value to your Brivity url like https://mywebsite.com/home_value.

  3. If you want leads to go you, be sure to use your subdomain to find properties on your website to share or add /home_value to the end of it.


Here you can find photos available to customize your design.

  • MLS Photos: Imported automatically from the MLS listing

  • Logos: Logos uploaded be you or your team admin

  • My Uploads: All of your custom uploads

  • Team Photos: Profile photos of your team members

  • Default Photos: A collection of Brivity Marketer template graphics

To REPLACE a photo, drag and drop it onto an existing photo.

To ADD a photo, click the photo once and it will be placed on your graphic.

Step 3 screenshot

Clipped Image

Clipped images are simply images that display inside a shape – like and arrow, or circle. It is a great way to add photos and sneak peeks in a creative way. Click to add a clipped image to the current page, then drag a photo from your library to replace the placeholder shape/image.

Step 4 screenshot


Click any of the 'Custom Text' options to add text your design. You can also change, move or resize existing text by clicking on any text on the postcard. When you select text on your design, you'll notice text options appear at the top to change font, size, transparency, alignment, and position.

Step 5 screenshot


Here you will find a collection of 'Shapes' and 'Icons' for your design. Great for creating contrast and bringing your design to life.

Step 6 screenshot

Save Your Design

When you're happy with your customizations, click 'Save'

Step 9 screenshot

Navigate Back To Campaign Details

Click the 'Back' arrow to go back to the 'Campaign Details' page.

Step 10 screenshot

Approve & Send

If everything looks good on the 'Campaign Details' page, you can click 'Approve & send' to confirm everything one final time.

Step 11 screenshot

One Last Approval...

Double check everything, including the front and back design, the numebr of recipients and the final cost of your campaign. When everything looks good, click 'Approve & Send' one last time to send your mailer off the to printer!

Step 12 screenshot


Postcards have a 5-7 business day delivery time, so ensure that works for your marketing timeline before clicking 'Approve & Send'.

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