When you set up a mailer in Brivity Marketer you can set a link to be the "Call-to-Action" (or CTA) URL – or website landing page – for the campaign. Each recipient will get a unique short URL version of your link which they can type it into any browser. This unique short link is tied to the specific address your mailer was delivered to, so when they enter that URL into a browser, you get a new lead and we know exactly which address it came from!

You'll see the preview of how the link will look on the postcard, with the example URL briv.it/123. This placeholder URL on your mailer preview is just an example, not the actual link your recipients will see. The actual link URL is dynamically created and printed on every mailer when the campaign is finalized.

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Customize your CTA

1. Click on EDIT

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2. Use Your Default CTA

In your Brivity Marketer Team Customization Settings you can define what your default CTA URL will be. Every time you create a new mailer, we will use this as your default landing page for your CTA.

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Only Admins and Account Owners can change the default URL in the Team Customization Settings.

3. Customize your CTA URL

If you'd like to set a custom landing page for this particular mailer, you can do so by clicking on 'Customize call to action URL' and enter your URL in the field provided.

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Save Your Work

When you're happy with the content and design of your mailer, make sure to click 'Save' to lock in your work.

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