Brivity Marketer makes it easy for you to create beautiful marketing materials with just a few clicks. With all of your MLS listings and data pre-loaded into the system, you can quickly create Mailers, Social Media graphics, Fliers and Digital advertising.

Your Brivity Marketer MLS settings should be set up for you automatically when you access it for the first time. If you need to update your settings, or if you're a new team member, you may need to access the MLS settings manually.

Step 1: Navigate to MLS Settings

From your Brivity Marketer home page, hover your mouse over the left-side navigation menu, then click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Profile’.


Step 2: Pick MLS

Find the MLS block and choose your MLS from the dropdown.


Step 3: Enter MLS Agent ID

Enter your MLS Agent ID.


Ensure this information is 100% accurate because it determines what campaigns are created for your account!

What is my MLS Agent ID?

As an MLS member, you are issued an ID (commonly referred to as an MLS ID, Agent ID, or Public ID). This is generally the unique ID you use for the login or username with your MLS. It may include letters, numbers or a combination of both.

If you do not know your MLS Agent ID please reach out to your MLS directly.

Step 4: Save

Click on the 'SAVE' button in the top right of the page once done.

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