Use Lead Ponds for storing leads that are not assigned to a specific agent. Users given permission to use a Lead Pond will have access to work and claim leads to pull them out of the Lead Pond.

Reasons to use the Lead Pond Feature

  1. Allows agents in your account to nurture and claim leads from a shared 'pond' of leads without having to manage special access to individual contacts.

  2. Allows a VA, Admin or ISA to nurture leads, set appointments and reassign to Agents without having to manage special access to individual leads.

Create a New Pond

1. Navigate to 'Lead Pond'

Hover your mouse over the left-side navigation menu, then click on 'Settings', then 'Lead Pond'.

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Pond Creation Access

Only Admins and Account Owners can create, edit or delete a pond.

2. Click on 'New Lead Pond'

To create a new Lead Pond, start by clicking on the '+New Lead Pond' button in the upper right side of the screen.

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3. Name Your Pond

Give your new pond a descriptive name so you can clearly and easily identify it. This name will appear in the list of pond accounts in your Leads menu.

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4. Select the Display Agent for This Pond

Choose a user from your team to be the default display agent for any auto emails sent to the leads in the Lead Pond, including Listing Alerts. The designated Lead Pond Display Agent will be used for any future/new Auto Plans and Listing Alerts assigned to leads in the Pond.


Display Agents will receive all notifications as if they were the pseudo agent for all contacts in the pond, including for new leads added to the pond.

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5. Select Users

Choose which users will have access to this Pond. Account Admins will automatically have access.

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6. Click on 'Create Pond'

When done, click 'Create Pond'.

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Edit Pond Settings

You can edit an existing Pond by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of the screen. You’ll see a pop up that will let you add or remove agents, change the name of the pond and change the Display Agent.

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Delete a Pond

To delete a Pond, go to the 'Edit' column in Pond Dashboard and click on the pencil icon to open the Edit Pond pop up, then click on 'Delete Pond'.

Lead Reassignment for Deleted Ponds

When a Pond is deleted, all remaining leads in the pond will be aytomatically reassigned to the Account Owner, and all running Auto Plans will be automatically stopped.

The Lead Pond Dashboard

From the Lead Pond Dashboard, you can quickly see details about the Ponds you've set up in your CRM.

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Viewing Ponds

You will find a list of your active Ponds listed in your Leads menu. Click on any one of your Ponds to view the leads in it.

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Managing Ponds

How do permissions work with Ponds?

Agents w/ Access to the Pond

* Can see the pond leads and the ponds in the lead index
* Can reassign leads in the pond
* Can claim a lead in the pond

Agents Granted Access to a Lead in a Pond

* Can see the pond leads in lead index
* Can see the lead and make the reassignment

Admins / Account Owner

* Can see the pond leads and the ponds in lead index
* Access to all ponds and edit control of the pond.
* Can reassign leads to anyone and any pond.

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Moving Leads to Ponds

Assign Leads to a Pond in 2 Ways

  1. From the Lead or People Index (Admins, Agents w/ access to the ponds or agents granted access to the leads): You can assign a lead to a pond by selecting a pond in the Primary Agent column.

  1. From the Contact Detail Page (Admins, current Primary Agent): You can assign a lead to a pond by selecting a pond from the Primary Agent dropdown.

Assigning a Lead to a Pond

When Leads are moved into a Pond, they will be unassigned from the previously assigned Agent.

Releasing Leads from Ponds

To take a lead out of a Pond and assign it to an Agent, simply select a Primary Agent from the dropdown menu.

  • Admins can reassign the lead to an Agent to release them from a pond.

  • Agents w/ access to the pond can reassign the lead to themselves or to another agent.

  • Agents granted access to a lead in a pond can reassign the lead


What happens if I move my lead into/out of a Pond that already had an Auto Plan or Listing Alert?

  • All previously running Auto Plans for the lead will be paused when a Lead is moved into, or out of a Pond.

    • You will have to manually restart or apply a new Auto Plan for pond leads who have been moved into, or out of a pond.

  • If moving a lead into a pond:

    • Any previously active Listing Alert will be reassigned to the Pond Display Agent.

  • If moving a lead out of a pond:

    • All previously running Listing Alerts will be assigned to the new Primary Agent.

What happens if I move my lead into/out of a Pond that has any assigned Tasks?

  • Completed tasks stay with the lead and will not be removed.

  • All incomplete tasks will be removed from the Lead.

Who gets notified when there is lead activity in the Pond?

  • Phone calls, texts & emails will route to whomever they are connecting to directly, and that agent will be notified.

  • For website activity such as a new property inquiry, the Pond Display Agent will be notified.

Do Leads in my ponds show in my 'All Leads' view or count towards my 'All Leads' count totals?

  • No. Leads in your Ponds do not show in 'All Leads' by default or count towards your 'All Leads' view total counts.

  • Your total leads number will decrease as you move leads into Ponds.

Who gets the credit for interacting with the leads in a pond?

  • No one. Interactions with leads in a pond do not count towards reporting for agents.

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